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17/05/2018 - The Adventure of Keep Focus in Tokyo, Japan

The World Trade Center Marseille Provence is delighted to introduce you to one of its coworking community memberĀ : Keep Focus.

Keep Focus is the daring collaborative agency founded by two creative people committed to a transversal vision of work. With a strong international marketing background enriched by a training in communication, Diana Mkhytaryan is associated with Najib Chari, self-taught sound designer and director.

In France, the agency enjoys a relationship of trust with its clients woven sustainably thanks to its network of proximity developed around its ecosystem of talents (graphic designers, motion designers…)

A year ago, Keep Focus settled in Tokyo, Japan. The agency has been developing its business since then, after having noted the communication difficulties that could be experienced by VSEs / SMEs between each of the two countries.

Their idea? To become the creative communication agency of Japanese VSEs and SMEs wishing to set up in France and French brands wishing to conquer the Japanese market. By setting up complete and turnkey offers that make it easier for businesses to get started, Keep Focus has become more than just a communication agency: a partner with a global perspective on entrepreneurial issues.

Within a year, Diana and Najib learnt the language while developing a new network of partners.

They built a strong trustworthy relationship with their first customers, the international start-ups in need of a fresh look.

Today, Keep Focus highlights the ideas of tomorrow, from Marseille to Tokyo.


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