The World Trade Center Marseille Provence
is committed to change



Commitment # 1: Reducing the impact of our activities

The Marseillaise Tower, where our Sky Center is established, complies with the requirements of the RT 2012 thermal regulation which implies high standards of insulation and energy system, a reduction of needs from the design of the project and the objectives to be achieved in terms of bioclimatic design and summer comfort.

The Marseillaise Tower is also aiming for high levels of certification : Centre de congrès & centre d'affaires à marseille et Paris which mainly assess, for the first, energy, the environment, comfort and health, and for the latter, energy, water, heating, and provenance local sourcing of materials and surplus reuse channels.

Centre de congrès & centre d'affaires à marseille et Paris

Finally, The Marseillaise Tower is the first office tower to use the thalasso-thermie. Thus, 500 000 m² of buildings are supplied with hot and cold energy by the thermal energy of the sea.

This network, made possible by the connection of the tower, has been designed to integrate with the Euroméditerranée Ecocity, which aims to be an example of the construction of the Mediterranean sustainable city.

Finally, selective sorting has been introduced in all our places, as well as the installation of water fountains.

Commitment # 2: Show the example

— 70% CO2 emission
— 40% power consumption
+ 70% renewable energy
— 65% water consumption

Commitment # 3: Build on the future

4 hives are installed on the roofs of the Mediterranean Center of International Trade (CMCI), in partnership with the Metropolis Aix-Marseille-Provence and the Provence Epicurean Fund.

On the occasion of this installation, the World Trade Center Marseille Provence, which has always been promoting eco-responsible initiatives and sustainable development, hosted a distribution of seeds ready for sowing on Wednesday 30 May 2018. Each small bag distributed containing 3,000 seeds and can produce up to four flowers per plant. What give bees the desire to forage.

This approach and these hives represent a strong eco-citizen gesture and are part of the continuity of the project “Flowers for bees” which distributes, for the second year in a row, seeds to be sown during the month of June throughout the region.

4 other hives have since been installed on the roof of La Marseillaise Tower, with “A roof for bees” in May 2019. 200,000 new collaborators, who every day, are busy producing the future honey produced 100% Marseilles.

Bees play a vital role in our survival and are an indispensable link in the food chain. It’s up to us to prosper.


Commitment # 1: Work for Employment

The World Trade Center Marseille Provence, integrated into the project of the region, is committed to employment.

In partnership with the institutions, the economic organizations and the local support structures, the project partners got involved by signing the “900 jobs for the Metropolis” convention to:

– Promote the professional integration of jobseekers
– Fight against discrimination and defend equal opportunities
– Ensure the quality of employment and working conditions and skills development of employees.

Commitment # 2: To be part of the attractiveness of the territory

We are strongly involved in the economy of the territory by forming a community that claims its social responsibility and territorial commitment.

“Reinvent our businesses, transform our territory”. In December 2016, the new CCIMP President Jean-Luc Chauvin and his team launched the major challenges for the new term: to make Aix-Marseille-Provence a “champion” through 10 major priorities.

  • Transformation of the territory at the level of international standards
  • Attractiveness of the territory and tourist radiation
  • Pathways of the future and excellence and major metropolitan projects
  • shops
  • Business and Innovation
  • Opening to the world
  • Proximity
  • digitizing
  • Training
  • Employment

Also, our different places are naturally part of the dynamism of the city of Marseille, allowing to benefit from the quality of our high-end workspaces in the largest business districts, or the most prestigious receptive addresses of France.

Commitment # 3: To work in collective intelligence

United through agreements since January 2017 to boost the business of local companies, the Metropolis Aix-Marseille-Provence and the CCIMP have indeed taken a step further by adjusting, through a membership, their approach to that of the national association SME Pact. Which already brings together some 56 principals, 34 professional organizations and 4 public authorities.

Created in 2010, Pact PME intends to develop the growth of the territories of France by connecting the companies of each area. A necessity in Marseille Provence with an economic fabric “made of TPE and SMEs for more than 90%”, says Gerard Gazay, Vice-President of the Metropolis, delegate for Business Development, Business Zones, Trade and Crafts. Territorial deployment will focus on three priority themes: purchasing, innovation, HR / skills.

Together, the Métropole and the CCIMP have associated the economic actors of the territory with the initiative and set up a governance committee “Aix-Marseille-Provence Pact SME” composed to date of the UPE 13, the CPME13, the CMAR of Bouches -du-Rhône, Aix-Marseille University, French Tech Aix-Marseille, CRESS Paca and the Chamber of Agriculture of Bouches-du-Rhône.

This is another fine example of “collective intelligence of two institutions,” says CCIMP President Jean-Luc Chauvin.