Our values

Joining the World Trade Center Marseille Provence not only opens the door to all the benefits of an international network, but also makes you part of a success story that started in New York in the 1960s as a lofty ambition: “We grow trade,” the future motto of the World Trade Centers Association.

An ambitious vision for a major project

Inauguration des Twin Towers en 1973
Building of the World Trade Center -1973

Our story begins in New York.

The WTCA was founded in 1969, driven by the vision of its president Guy Tozzoli, who supervised the construction of the first World Trade Center from the moment it broke ground.

10 years previously, David Rockefeller had had the idea of building a space dedicated to international trade and business in New York. In 1961, the Port Authority of New York began work on the project that ultimately led to the opening of the Twin Towers in Manhattan in 1973.

The WTCA moved in on the 77th floor.

Over the following years, the concept of a “full-service business complex” that originated in New York inspired spin-offs in other major cities, under the umbrella of the WTCA and its president, Guy Tozzoli. With the aim of creating an ecosystem to foster the development of international trade, the association worked to expand the community of World Trade Centers and strengthen this formidable business network.


Promoting global, interconnected, multicultural, responsible business

Freedom tower à New-York ou One World Trade Center
One World Trade Center – 2016

More than 15 years have passed since 9/11. The World Trade Center has risen again, even greater than before, just as the mayor of New York promised: “We’re going to rebuild, and we’re going to be stronger than we were before.”

And they did it. One World Trade Center is now the tallest skyscraper in the US and the 3rd tallest in the world. Built to the strictest standards for sustainable architecture, it and 6 other towers have redrawn the skyline of modern New York.

Now more than ever a symbol of renaissance, resilience, and ambition, the World Trade Center brand proudly carries the banner for the values of global, interconnected, multicultural, responsible business.

More than 300 World Trade Centers around the world on every continent share these same values.

We are proud of our heritage. With more than 30 years of experience hosting professional events and managing business centers, we can now guarantee our clients the superior infrastructure and service they need to support the development and internationalization of their companies while improving the region’s attractiveness.