More than 300 World Trade Centers, in nearly 90 countries share a name that has become a gold standard in the business world. Plug in to a large-scale international network!

The WTCA, a professional network connecting Marseille to France and the world

A flourishing network of more than 300 members

It’s strength in numbers with the WTCA network. More than 300 World Trade Centers worldwide and their 750,000 client companies represent so many potential contacts that could generate new business opportunities.

What other network can offer you an address book with entries covering nearly 90 countries on every continent?

A network with powerful connections

Beyond the numbers, what gives the network its influence are its connections. The World Trade Centers communicate amongst themselves. They also maintain close ties with central administrations, regions, and business clubs, all of them stakeholders in an international ecosystem nourished by a regular flow of information, shared experiences, and encounters.

France’s 13 World Trade Centers, which are often in direct contact with the international service of their respective Chambers of Commerce, play a central role in this network of relationships.

The World Trade Center Marseille Provence also has special partners whose activities are recognized not only within the region, but beyond the country’s borders:

  • CCI International PACA, which promotes the international development of companies that belong to the PACA region Chambers of Commerce and Industry,
  • Club Apex, a key figure in international development for the region’s companies,
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