We were at IMEX Frankfurt

Last month we had the pleasure of meeting you at IMEX in Frankfurt at one of the world’s largest, most modern and connected exhibition venues in the heart of Europe.

Our stand was in the section “Destination France”.   The World Trade Center Marseille Provence Team were there to introduce you to our 3 event centers in Marseille.


The City Center Vieux-Port – capacity 600 people

Enjoy an exceptional environment right in the heart of the city center. Not only is this venue

easily accessible by its proximity to all the major transport systems (train, metro, tram, bus) but it also embodies the symbolic value of the history of Marseille, known world-wide.


The Sky Center La Marseillaise – capacity 400 people

The Sky Center is an exclusive location offering innovation, technology, luxury and excellence. Enjoy an unforgettable experience on the 30th floor of La Marseillaise Tower.

Create your signature event, suspended between sea and sky and be inspired by the sweeping views of Marseille and the Mediterranean.


And our very latest location: The Palais de la Bourse – capacity 800 people


The Palace is a unique venue in the center of Marseille. Once frequented by Napoleon and the Empress Eugénie, the palace’s 10,000m2 are now available for your events.


Each venue is unique in its own way, ranging from the historic majesty of a monument to the sleek modernity of a contemporary skyscraper.  We choose to offer prestigious and unique locations to our customers including high quality services.


Experience  exceptional moments in Marseille in one of our outstanding spaces.

If you would like to organise your event in one of our locations contact: resa.congres@wtcmp.com

If you would like more information contact us at : https://www.wtcmp.com/en/home/



An invitation to explore

Do you feel like going on a journey of a lifetime ? Latitude Blanche, a French company, offers you the chance to go on arctic expeditions unique and ecological.

Discover their ship : Polarfront ! The world’s last meteorological ship recently converted into an arctic yacht. Onboard you will find 8 suites, a lounge and bar area, a dining room, a library, a sauna and a hot tub all offering a panoramic view on the arctic !
Learn to appreciate your surroundings, nature will be on your doorstep all while you are savering french cuisine and tasting a large collection of wine set up cozy inside the Polarfront.

While on this journey you will get the chance to take some nature walks, polar pedalo, zodiac outings and many other exciting and unforgettable experience

Live an adventure  like no other and climb onboard !

Learn more about the expeditions here : Latitude blanche

If you want to know more about l’atitude blanche go onto their website : here

Mental Health in the Workplace

As a modern, growing entreprise we believe that a work place must be an area for our co-workers to thrive in. 

This is why we regularly organise workshops on a wide variety of subjects such as marketing strategies, website creation or designing a dynamic presentation. We provide these opportunities  to enable our co-workers to gain more knowledge and skills in their own work environment.

 Mental health  must be a priority for all modern entreprises. Relieving stress is a key factor allowing our collaborators  to maintain good mental and physical health and therefore to invest themselves further in their work. With this in mind we have recently put in place yoga sessions, encouraging both personal and professional development in the work place.

These yoga sessions take place at the Sky Center La Marseillaise. Situated on 29th floor of the tower La Marseillaise, a new tower built by the amazing architect Jean Nouvel. One Of the highest rooftops in Marseille that offers breathtaking views of the city and the Mediterranean.


Find out more about the Sky Center La Marseillaise here

Yoga Sky Center Avril 2019
Yoga Sky Center April 2019




The Business Center of Marseille City Center welcomes Click & Boat!

Click & Boat was founded in 2013 by Edouard Gorioux and Jérémy Bismuth.

This online platform for boat rentals has experienced a very strong progression since its inception. Tenants easily find the desired boat and can make any navigation project come to life. Boatowners can reduce their maintenance costs when professional owners benefit from a digital showcase to increase their visibility on the web.

In less than six years, Click & Boat has established itself as the European reference. It now allows the rent of more than 30,000 boats worldwide!

You can find all types of boats in countries such as: France, Croatia and Spain as well as in the British Virgin Islands and the United States. The Marseille team (Headquarters is in Boulogne-Billancourt) is expected to register 50 new hires by the end of 2019.


If you want to book a boat in Marseille> https://www.clickandboat.com/en/boat-rental/Marseille

Their websit https://www.clickandboat.com/en

équipe Click&Boat WTC Marseille 2019

The Cowork’in Vieux-Port welcomes Paytweak

Created in 2015, Paytweak is a fintech specialized in securing remote payments. It offers a global secure payment solution by e-mail and SMS to cash in Bank, without delay, without intermediary or commissions. To do this, the start-up has developed a SaaS platform (Software as a Service) that creates a universal payment link, secure and tamper-proof to trigger all your cash in 1 click.

The Fintech Paytweak is directly connected to more than 500 banks and PSPs (payment providers) worldwide, enabling one-click payments via emails, SMS, instant messaging applications, social networks, invoices and QRCode.

Developed all over the world, Paytweak is present on the French market, English, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian … Its main customers are tour operators, palaces, actors in the world of tourism. But also, retailers, professionals of distance selling.

photo paytweak

Sky Center : opening January 2019

The World Trade Center Marseille Provence is thrilled to announce the future opening of its new and prestigious venue : the Sky Center.
Located at the top of La Marseillaise Tower, the Sky Center offers a magical 360° view on Marseille, its hills and the Mediterranean sea.
Designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel (Louvre Abou Dabhi, 53W53 New-York), La Marseillaise Tower rises more than 130 meters above the Euroméditerranée business district of Marseille.

Sky Business Center
In the 1,300 m² of space on the 29th floor, clients enjoy a unique work experience: upscale offices, panoramic conference rooms and the ultimate in services. In short, a 5-star work environment: full connectivity, perfect acoustics and furnishings specially selected for high-end offices. Not to mention the meeting rooms with an ultra-contemporary design suspended between sea and sky on the rooftop of Marseille and designed for meetings of the utmost importance.
Moreover, for companies that want to associate their name with an image of luxury and innovation, the vitual office at the Sky Center offers a prestigious Marseille address, in the heart of the new business district.

Sky Event Center
Arranged around 900m² of high-end reception areas and surrounded by a hanging garden, evoking the flavor of Provence, our 6 configurable conference rooms are designed with your events in mind. The Sky Center can welcome up to 500 people in cocktail configuration and adapt to all events: board meetings, management committees, meetings, private dinners, gala events, runway shows, and more. Our teams work with precision to ensure that your plans come to fruition just as you envision them.

Although La Marseillaise Tower has officially been delivered in July 2018, the 29th and 30th floors are still under construction. Nevertheless, reservations are already open!
Whether you are looking for an office or an adress for your company in Marseille – France, or you need to organize an event above the clouds, do not hesitate and contact us. Our great teams will accompany you in this unforgettable experience.



Marseille capital of digital wants to become a world city  specialized in new technologies.

Indeed, the city of Marseille will set up this event, alongside the French Tech and its many partners. This will be led by Daniel Sperling, deputy mayor of Marseille for Innovation and Development by Digital in particular.

This event will take place from September 2nd to the 7th, it will take place in Israel. The DLD forum, is a real digital festival for start-ups around the world.

Why our city may be a digital staple? Because it has many advantages:

  • A high-tech DNA with high economic potential: 40,000 jobs in the digital sector, 7,000 companies, local digital champions
  • Structuring projects with different strategic areas; Smart Cities, Big Data / cloud, e-health, digital / audiovisual marketing
  • Aix-Marseille University: the largest French university in the world
  • Geographical advantages: convergence of submarine optical cables linking the Mediterranean Basin to Africa and Asia
  • Infrastructure favorable to project promoters: Château Gombert Technopole, Marseille Provence World Trade Center, Belle de Mai Media Center and other third-party sites integrating digital mediation

In addition, this meeting will allow the city of Marseille to develop its interconnection at the global level and to benefit from exchange meetings (cultural, social and digital).

Also, for the city of Marseille the DLD 2018 is a perfect opportunity to present both its knowledge of excellence in the different fields: health, energy, aeronautics, industry. But also, to attract new talents and investors in the Aix-Marseille Provence metropolis. Thus, encourage the establishment of new start-ups.

For more information:



Come participate in the Digital Awards!

A ceremony to reward the creativity, innovation and digital initiatives of companies in the Aix-Marseille metropolis.

Indeed, this event will make it possible to communicate on the most enterprising digital performances of the year 2018. A special mention will reward “digital women of the year”.

In addition, this meeting will take place at Château Lacoste on Thursday, September 27, near Aix-En-Provence. A place filled with charm, where you can enjoy a cultural and artistic place without equal.

Thus, the Digital Awards will allow you:

  • To exchange and meet digital professionals
  • To know the latest trends
  • And maybe to receive a reward prize

In addition, the award ceremony will be done by different categories:

  • The digital communication campaign
  • The innovative application
  • Digital communication
  • HR Digital in pictures (videos, holograms …)
  • Your employer brand on social networks
  • The web platform Special digital woman award

If you want to participate, hurry up! Only 3 more days to apply!

So, to know the modalities and to submit your application, go here:


digital awards2018

What is a virtual office ?

In France, you must have a legal address for your headquarter, “siège social”, when registering a business. All business types (Private limited company (SARL) and Private limited liability company under sole ownership (EURL), auto-entrepreneurs…) have a “siège social”.

If you don’t own offices and don’t want to rent expensive ones you can rent the legal address thanks to the virtual office system, known as domiciliation. It will make things easier.

The headquarter address is for a company what a home address is for an individual.

The choice of an address has a strong impact on the life of a company. A business owner needs to show how serious its company is thanks to the geographical situation chosen.

The legal address can be different from the place where people work or where goods are produced.
The World Trade Center Marseille Provence offers prestigious business addresses and the ultimate services.
Choosing to “domiciliate” your company with The World Trade Center Marseille Provence is making sure to work with professionals and giving your business a distinguished image.

You’ll have the best prices and premium services (mail handling service, call forwarding, meeting room at a special rate etc.). Also, you’ll have access to the WTC worldwide network, which is a must for any company.

Whether in the Parisian “golden triangle” or in Marseille business districts, the World Trade Center Marseille Provence guarantees the quality.

Due to the opening of our new Sky Center, we now offer virtual offices on the top of La Marseillaise Tower.

Located in the heart of the business district Euroméditerranée, it’s Marseille’s newest business top spot.

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Mice Place party in Marseille

The Mice Place Mediterranéen professional meeting took place at the InterContinental Hotel on the 5th and 6th February 2018 and gathered all the business tourism professionals of the region. However, it’s in the World Trade Center Marseille Provence that the party took place.

This professional meeting is the perfect occasion for meeting business owners. Focused on B2B, the meetings helps


The establishment welcomed 170 people who had the opportunity to discuss, enjoy (and dance!) surrounded by feathers and masks. The party allowed Mice Place and the WTC to mark everyone’s mind celebrating the 7th edition of the meeting.


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