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L'Ile Maurice à Marseille !

Mauritius invites itself to the #WTCMP

Mauritius and its government agency for the promotion of the territory was at the #City Center in May. This business forum was an opportunity for the island to highlight the investment opportunities and the various schemes in place to help the settlement of working people and retirees in the heart of the Mascarene archipelago.

On this occasion, we met the Mauritian delegation who was kind enough to answer our questions.

Can you introduce us your event?

The Economic Development Board (EDB) Mauritius, the government agency for the development and economic promotion of Mauritius, organized from May 09 to 19, 2022 a Tour de France in five major French cities, including Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Paris, with business forums, roundtables and personalized appointments to meet with the French and present, the many attractive real estate investment opportunities in Mauritius, the various residence permits set up by the Mauritian government for foreign expatriates in Mauritius, including retirees, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals, and the incentives offered to set up a business for the development of commercial and industrial activities in promising sectors in Mauritius.

EDB Mauritius led and accompanied a large delegation from Mauritius, composed of 23 Mauritian companies, including some 40 professionals, among which there were notaries, trustees, lawyers and real estate and smart cities developers in Mauritius. This is the first time that Mauritius organizes a tour of this scale, with so many Mauritian companies having travelled to France, and especially on 5 major French cities in 2 weeks.

After Nice on Monday May 09, Marseille was our second stop on Wednesday May 11, 2022.

Why invest in Mauritius?

Peace, harmony, hospitality, diversity, stability, security, pleasure are some of the words to describe Mauritius. Its rich history and the mix of its various cultural traditions make Mauritius a privileged country. It is both an attractive place to do business and an island with unparalleled hospitality, quality of life and art of living. Investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, or retirees, have good reasons to consider Mauritius as a destination to do business and also to enjoy life and loved ones.

Thus, the assets to invest, undertake and reside in Mauritius are multiple:

  • A democratic country, politically and socially stable since its independence in 1968
  • A rule of law with an independent, reliable and secure judicial system
  • A strategic geopolitical location, at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe – Mauritius, the star and key to the Indian Ocean
  • A remarkable socio-economic success recognized for the last 50 years, with a very diversified and dynamic economy with multiple business opportunities
  • One of the best investment climates in the world, with a professional and very attractive business environment
  • An international financial center with the presence of major international banks; a competitive platform for Asia and especially Africa
  • An excellent image and a good rating by international authorities
  • A population of great diversity, with a harmonious way of living together
  • An educated, qualified, multilingual and competitive workforce
  • A quality infrastructure in terms of air and sea access, roads, telecoms and public utilities
  • An idyllic setting with an exceptional quality of life and a multicultural richness unique in the world.

Why did you choose the World Trade Center Marseille Provence? 

After studying several possible options, the World Trade Center Marseille Provence proved to be the ideal venue that met all our criteria for holding the Mauritius Investment Business Forum, including:

  • The strategic positioning of the World Trade Center Marseille Provence between the Marseille St Charles train station and the Old Port, which facilitates and simplifies access for participants who wish to attend;
  • The quality of the infrastructure and facilities, including the large and spacious room, perfectly equipped with all the computer and audio-visual technology;
  • The open space next to the room for the cocktail party with a large number of guests;
  • The Mercure hotel next to the World Trade Center with a direct access which was very convenient for the delegation that stayed in the hotel.

And finally to conclude, the quality of the listening and the service of all the interlocutors at the World Trade Center Marseille Provence who greatly helped us to make our event a great success. We would like to thank them warmly.

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