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How to survive containment

Anyone can experience it, containment can sometimes drive you crazy!

Our whole life is turned upside down and this is where it is important to keep a certain pace so as not to fall into the hellish circle: pajamas-series-chips all day long!

So, whether you are single, in a couple, with or without children, here are some tips to continue working / living in the best conditions.

First, you have to keep a routine. Indeed, even if it is difficult not to go to bed at 3 am (“come on, one more episode and I’m going to sleep …“) when we know very well that no alarm clock will sound the next morning (no need to wake up when you have young children !!), you must continue to follow your usual rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. Mind and body like fixed times. Waking up, eating breakfast, taking a shower, dressing up, working time, taking a break … Each period of time is thus devoted to a task and the day passes faster.

It is also important to breathe and move as much as possible (“Oh yes, like when I am at the office in front of my screen: so as not to have squinting eyes on my Excel sheet!“). To do stretching movements, breathing exercises, to open the window (or to go on your balcony or in your garden) to take advantage of the outside air (“it does smell good, actually, when there are no cars in the streets…! ”)

Finally, don’t forget to keep in touch with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Whether you’re teleworking or temporary unemployed, there are many tips and tools to interact and keep working in good conditions.

Many tools allow you to meet by videoconference, whether to work or just catch up on news: WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout, Zoom, Whereby, Teams … You will find a plethora of articles detailing the characteristics of these applications (accessible online or via download).

That can minimize the harmful impact of compulsory social distancing.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and, pending the end of containment, all the teams at the World Trade Center Marseille Provence are here for you and are looking forward to helping you prepare for the after COVID-19!

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