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17/05/2019 - An invitation to explore

Do you feel like going on a journey of a lifetime ? Latitude Blanche, a French company, offers you the chance to go on arctic expeditions unique and ecological.

Discover their ship : Polarfront ! The world’s last meteorological ship recently converted into an arctic yacht. Onboard you will find 8 suites, a lounge and bar area, a dining room, a library, a sauna and a hot tub all offering a panoramic view on the arctic !
Learn to appreciate your surroundings, nature will be on your doorstep all while you are savering french cuisine and tasting a large collection of wine set up cozy inside the Polarfront.

While on this journey you will get the chance to take some nature walks, polar pedalo, zodiac outings and many other exciting and unforgettable experience

Live an adventure  like no other and climb onboard !

Learn more about the expeditions here : Latitude blanche

If you want to know more about l’atitude blanche go onto their website : here

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