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Video conferencing

These days, being able to interact visually with your team, your partners, and your customers anywhere in the world is non-negotiable. With latest generation equipment and technical assistance at your fingertips throughout your event, we can guarantee that your video conference will be a success.

Video conferences in Marseille

Communicate remotely and in real time without worrying about technical constraints.

  • All rooms are pre-equipped (up to 400 people).
  • Compatible with any connected system (IP, ISDN, PC).
  • Confidential discussions. The more confidential your meeting, the more security options can be activated: from filtered access to a completely locked conference, you can communicate securely with your>
  • High-quality communications with the option to include high-definition images and spatial sound.
  • Remote document sharing and editing to encourage interaction between video conference participants. Talk and work on documents or applications with attendees as though you were meeting in the same room.
  • Technical assistance from our technicians present on site throughout the entire video conference.

Technical characteristics of the equipment

  • Multipoint Scopia platform
  • CISCO TelePresence Quick Set C20
  • Pan/tilt/zoom 8x Life Size Express HD video camera
  • Speeds of up to 5 mbps over IP
  • Speed of 384 kbps over ISDN

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