Furniture and arrangement of spaces





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Furniture and arrangement of spaces

For an even that reflects your tastes, our spaces have been set up to offer you the greatest freedom of design and layout for your conference, seminar, exhibition, etc.

Arrangement of spaces based on your specifications

Configuration des salles en U, théâtre, cabaret
Configuration of rooms in U shapes, theater format, cabaret style, etc.
Accueil de stands d’exposition dans les box de l’Agora
Exhibition reception stands in open-space stalls
Espaces lounge
Lounge spaces

Customization of your event

Customize your event by emphasizing your visual identity and create the atmosphere that suits you. Our partners, all of whom are specialists in their fields, offers their space arrangement services:

  • Installation and arrangement of exhibition stands,
  • Rental of special furniture,
  • Staging: platform, pulpits, dynamic lighting, floral decorations, etc.
  • Design and production of Point of Sale: kakemonos, posters…