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Video conference

With latest generation equipment and technical assistance at your fingertips throughout your event, we can guarantee that your video conference will be a success.

We organize your video conference in the center of Marseille

These days, being able to interact visually with your team, your partners, and your customers anywhere in the world has become indispensable. Communicate remotely and in real time without worrying about technical constraints by making use of our professional video conferencing solutions.

  • All rooms are pre-equipped (up to 400 people),
  • Compatible with all your systems (IP, ISDN, PC),
  • Confidential discussions. The more confidential your meeting, the more security options can be activated. From filtered access to a completely locked conference, you can communicate securely with your contacts.
  • High-quality communications, with the option to include high-definition images and spatial sound,
  • Remote document sharing and editing to encourage interaction between video conference participants. Talk and work on documents or applications with attendees as though you were meeting in the same room.
  • Technical assistance from our on-site technicians throughout the entire video conference.

Technical features of the video-conference equipment at the city center/old port

  • Multipoint Scopia platform
  • CISCO TelePresence Quick Set C20
  • Pan/tilt/zoom 8x Life Size Express HD video camera
  • Speeds of up to 5 mbps over IP
  • Speed of 384 kbps over ISDN


Video conferencing: the benefits of seeing each other as you talk
Research shows that interpersonal communication is 50% visual, being conveyed as much by facial expressions and gestures as by language and intonation. It’s easy to understand why it’s so important to see the person you’re talking to!