Should we go for it or not? How? Many companies ask themselves these questions when they first turn their attention to foreign markets. CLUB APEX at the World Trade Center Marseille Provence helps French companies find the answers and grow internationally.

Club APEX missions

For 40 years, Club APEX World Trade Center Marseille Provence has been bringing together companies that export from France to support their international development.

As a forum for discussion and sharing, Club APEX is based on the idea that the best people to help company directors develop internationally are other company directors (particularly for small businesses). The current club president is Laurent Cohen.

Club APEX initiatives

The Club provides its members with a vast range of resources to help them accelerate the process of going global:

  • an information database by country,
  • meetings designed to exchange best practices—monthly networking lunches, annual international speed-dating event, etc.—where members can share their experience, offer concrete advice, and give practical opinions on what to do and what not to do!
  • mentoring programs including “Objectif Export,” a personalized support program supervised by company directors and benefiting ten regional small businesses selected on a project basis to develop, finance, and secure their growth via exports,
  • “networking” events organized in exceptional settings and featuring special guests,
  • an annual challenge, designed to showcase international training opportunities, which rewards the best international business internship reports.
  • access to a network of experts:
    • The World Trade Centers Association,
    • French Foreign Trade Advisors (CNCCEF),
    • Institutional and economic partners with a key role to play in internationalization: Coface, BPI France, customs, CCI, etc.

With a hundred members and more than 20 events held each year, Club APEX is a critical connection to the services regional companies need to realize their international ambitions.

Déjeuner networking du Club Apex
Club Apex networking lunch
Rencontre annuelle Objectif Export
Objectif Export evening event

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