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31/08/2018 - DIGITAL AWARDS 2018

Come participate in the Digital Awards!

A ceremony to reward the creativity, innovation and digital initiatives of companies in the Aix-Marseille metropolis.

Indeed, this event will make it possible to communicate on the most enterprising digital performances of the year 2018. A special mention will reward “digital women of the year”.

In addition, this meeting will take place at Ch√Ęteau Lacoste on Thursday, September 27, near Aix-En-Provence. A place filled with charm, where you can enjoy a cultural and artistic place without equal.

Thus, the Digital Awards will allow you:

  • To exchange and meet digital professionals
  • To know the latest trends
  • And maybe to receive a reward prize

In addition, the award ceremony will be done by different categories:

  • The digital communication campaign
  • The innovative application
  • Digital communication
  • HR Digital in pictures (videos, holograms …)
  • Your employer brand on social networks
  • The web platform Special digital woman award

If you want to participate, hurry up! Only 3 more days to apply!

So, to know the modalities and to submit your application, go here:

digital awards2018

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