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25/06/2018 - Get even more motivated with Motiv-Art.

This month the World Trade Center Marseille Provence would like to introduce you to a brand new art form: Motiv-art. Unique in France, Motiv-art is one of the three motivational art distributors around the world.

Founded by Edwin Parmentier and Jonathan Colnat, MOTIV-ART is a Marseille based online art gallery supplying different styles of artwork.

Brilliants jack of all trades, Edwin and Jonathan joined our Cowork’in Vieux-Port with their project Simplement., a design and web marketing agency.

With Motiv-Art they tend to develop popular designs to motivate entrepreneurs and athletes around the globe. As they say “Motivation is one of the most important ingredient for success.”

That’s why their experienced creative team works hard. They tend to offer different designs such as some lifestyle oriented pieces: inspired by Pop art and the American dream.

“We combine our experience as entrepreneurs to provide you a secure and pleasant online shopping experience.”


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