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16/03/2018 - MP 2018 – Culture is a beautiful adventure

From the 14th of February to the 1st of September, several cities in the south of France will spotlight culture (and love!). MP 2018 is the new cultural and collective « rendez-vous » of the year. Exhibitions, plays, operas, dance shows, circus,…culture is spreading love !

MP2018 has a 5,5 million euros budget and brings together 250 structures of the territory and 200 artists.

A 5 steps program:

Cultural and artistic events will be proposed during the next seven months in Marseille and throughout Provence on the theme « Quel Amour ! »  (« What a love! »).

This project encourages dreams and invention, with the desire to share the artistic wealth of the territory.

It’s all about love of others, but also love of art and artists.

The whole program will revolve around the metaphor of love. Indeed, the letters A-M-O-U-R will mark the project and each letters will determin particular periods full of cultural and artistic events.

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