Our Ambitions


Meeting the challenge of an attractive region

“It’s time to reinvent our companies and transform our region.” In December 2016, new CCIMP president Jean-Luc Chauvin and his team launched several major challenges for the term of office with the aim of making Aix-Marseille-Provence a “champion” through 10 key priorities.

  • Transforming the region to reflect international standards
  • Regional attractiveness and tourist appeal
  • Industries of tomorrow, sectors of excellence, and major metropolitan projects
  • Shops
  • Business and Innovation
  • A global mindset
  • Proximity
  • Digitization
  • Training
  • Jobs

As a partner entity and subsidiary of CCIMP, the World Trade Center Marseille Provence is fully involved in meeting these new challenges, the most important of which include business and innovation, a global mindset, and increased regional attractiveness.


Becoming an emblem of the regional economy

The Marseille Provence CCI, the majority shareholder in the World Trade Center Marseille Provence, wanted to give the region and its companies a real economic flagship.

After considering various options together, the Marseille Provence CCI and its subsidiary confirmed a massive project to energize the business of the World Trade Center Marseille Provence, reinventing its offering to make it a decisive driver of the region’s international dynamics and attractiveness.


Jacques Pfister, président de la CCIMP 2004 - 2016
Jacques Pfister, CCIMP President 2004—2016

“The new World Trade Center Marseille Provence must also help the region attract more conferences, enhance the business dimension of greater Marseille, and become a flagship location for demanding companies that choose to work in Aix-Marseille-Provence.

With expanded offerings downtown, even higher quality services, and a new location on the “rooftop of Marseille,” the World Trade Center Marseille Provence and its majority shareholder—the CCIMP—will have the tools to realize these ambitions.”