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JOB : RECRUT’EXPORT, The International Recruitment Forum
Date : 29 November 2017

Organized by APEX (the club of international companies), this Forum aims to facilitate job search and recruitment.

Mainly the recruitment of export profiles by companies in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Recrut’Export is sponsored by David Sussmann, CEO of SEAFOODIA.  For Sussmann recruitment is a strategic issue, especially in the particular context of an international activity.

During the “Jobs Dating”, companies and recruiting agencies present and offer permanent or fixed-term contracts. Furthermore they offer international volunteer program (V.I.E), internships and study contracts and even more directly on their stand. Therefore, the forum is an opportunity not to be missed to find the collaborator or the job of one’s dreams!

The Forum also brings together the region’s training institutions wishing to promote their international programs to companies. As well as all APEX partners and key players in the international market.

RECRUT’EXPORT, The International Recruitment Forum
Wednesday, November 29 from 14h to 18h
World Trade Center Marseille Provence

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