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To interact visually with its teams, partners and customers – wherever they are in the world – has become indispensable today. With the latest generation equipment and technical support at your side throughout your event, we offer you the guarantee of a successful videoconferencing.

Your videoconference in Marseille

Communicate remotely and in real time without worrying about technical constraints.

  • Full rooms pre-equipped


  • Full compatibility of equipment in place with your system (IP, ISDN, PC)


  • Privacy of your exchanges. The security level of your meetings is adjusted according to their degree of confidentiality: from the filtered access to the complete lock, you communicate in complete security with your interlocutors.


  • Quality of the exchanges with the possibility to integrate in the conversation the image high definition and spatialised sound

  • Sharing and editing documents remotely to foster interactions during videoconferencing. You can exchange and work with your contacts on documents or applications, as if you were gathered in the same room.

  • Technical assistance by our technicians on site for the duration of the videoconference.

Videoconferencing: the interest of seeing each other when speaking of yourselfAccording to studies, interpersonal communication is 50% visual. It is as much by the language and the intonation of the voice as by the expressions of the face and the body. We understand all the importance of seeing each other when we talk to each other.

Technical specifications of the videoconferencing equipment Sky Center La MarseillaiseSingle-point platform SCOPIAS CISCO system Telepresence Quick Set C20Handheld HD camera and 8x zoom Life Size ExpressPeripheral IP up to 5 MbpsDNIS bit rate 384 kbs