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27/12/2017 - AMOS Sport Business School in Marseille

Marseille, France. The Business Center is pleased to welcome AMOS Sport Business School, the first French Business School specialized in the sport business.

After Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Nice, this private business school arrives in Marseille and settles in the City Center Vieux-Port.

Its program goes from an Undergraduate Bachelor to a Postgraduate Master of Business in Sport. AMOS trains future managers, sales agents and highly skilled entrepreneurs in all the areas of sport business.

Created in 2005, AMOS is becoming a reference and a major interlocutor of the sporting movement and the sport business.

The school has an international dimension. As a matter of fact, AMOS organizes seminars abroad and conferences in English.

It proposes bilingual classes and a school of integrated languages. Moreover, the students can easily join the European program of exchanges ERASMUS or decide to attend the AMOS school in London wich the first implantation abroad for the school.

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