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19/07/2019 - The hives on the roof

The World Trade Center has welcomed 200,000 new employees in the Tour de la Marseillaise!

How is it possible? It’s pretty easy to welcome that many employees in one place…..they just need to be very small! In this case, they are bees!
The Tower participates in the protection and preservation of bees and on this occasion has welcomed them on its rooftop! The bees are now nicely installed in 4 hives with a 360° view over the city of Marseille!

The bees are officially our only collaborators situated in the skyscraper to occupy offices
above the Sky Center La Marseillaise.

So people of Marseille, put your flowers out on your balconies, window sills and in your gardens – our bees are on their way !

The hives were installed by the :

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