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Introducing B’Wellcome by Club APEX!

B’WellCome, a comprehensive offer, with only one interlocutor, to help your employees settle in easier in the Aix-Marseille Provence region.

Business benefit of the offer :

• Time saving for your teams // Coordination and management of the best partners selected for you,
• Permanent integration of your employees // Taking into account the career path linked to mobility, including family.

The Global Package B’WellCome

Discovery of the territory « Aix-Marseille Provence » to support the decision making:

• Attractive Sessions

Dedicated to companies seeking to set up in Provence or that have recently moved here, PROVENCE PROMOTION can offer “Attractive Sessions” for employees who are unfamiliar with our region and are looking for practical information (housing prices, schools, public transports, healthcare, etc.).

• Discovery Tour

Provence is a multifaceted region that has countless possibilities for your future employees.
When they take the Discovery Tour, they will take a privileged tour of the towns and villages of Provence and get a taste of our lifestyle. The purpose? Encouraging them to join your company by showing them the charms of a region that they may not be familiar with.

Welcoming and Integrating International employees:

• AMP Card

Administrative formalities (VISA/passport, driver’s license) can be complicated for your services and your future employees! The AMP Card service lets you deal with these formalities with help from the experts – and with peace of mind.

• Easy French

It is essential for your future employees to be able to fit in with your teams quickly, both for them and for you, and speaking French is the key!
The objective of the Easy French service is to get them to learn French and to be able to express themselves with ease and precision in their professional and personal lives. There are courses for young and old alike !

• French Touch

For future foreign employees, working in a French company – especially a multicultural one – can really be disorienting, with different work methods, customs and uses, codes, etc. The French Touch service will enable them to absorb it all so they can fit in with peace of mind !

A tailor-made accompaniment towards their new life

• Home Sweet Home

The search for housing is a decisive step in your future employee’s new life, but it often turns out to be a complicated affair to handle from a distance and is time-consuming for the Human Resources department, whose core mission lies elsewhere.
That is why the relocation specialists who are partners in the B’WellCome system are there to handle these problems and provide support from the definition of their needs to their move into their new home (other services are available on request, such as property purchases).

• Easy School

Beyond making your future employee feel at home, there is an entire family that has to settle in. The “Easy School” service is provided by partners in the B’WellCome system who are specialists in relocation and who can identify potential schools and handle all the formalities from the 1st contact right up to the kids finally starting at their new school.

• Job Gate

The professional fulfilment of your future employees’ spouses is the key to a successful, long-lasting integration into local life. It is therefore an essential aspect to be taken into account.
The partners in the B’WellCome system will provide spouses with support in developing their future career project to ensure that it fits in with the local job market, and in setting up an effective job search strategy.


We started from scratch in February 2019: to attract executives, Swiss, Germans, Dutch, Americans to the Aix-Marseille area.
With B’WellCome, we created a feeling of trust, they understood that they would be completely supported and accompanied within the framework of this mobility.
The first people to position themselves even benefited from a Discovery Tour to discover their future living environment.
It also made life easier for our HR teams, an HR Director cannot take into account all the issues related to mobility, as vehicle registration, housing insurance, the actual search for housing, school enrollment, and so on.
It is the global package that makes the difference, with a single entry point : B’WellCome team, which was responsible for selecting the partners, mobility experts.
It is important to take into account that mobility is complicated and employees are worried, especially about the family aspects.
Some, for example, were completely relaxed once their children were enrolled in school. So in three words, I would say that B’WellCome is easy, professional and, above all, reassuring for our mobile employees, and that’s the main thing.

Pierre-Henri ALAGUILLAUME, France Head Human Resources, CEVA LOGISTICS


Valérie JOSSERMOZ, Business & Development


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