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Let the music playyyyy!

We’re sure you all know this song by heart ! And so do we ! At WTCMP, we are pretty into music, so we decided to partner with SoundSuit to offer a new dimension to our clients’ events.

A 100% legal musical atmosphere.

The diffusion of music in professional establishments being very regulated, WTCMP had to find a solid partnership to ensure the best experience to its clients.

That is why we’ve chosen SoundSuit, a European company that offers a 100% legal music streaming service for professional spaces.

Its founder, Mickael Bourdon, is a globe-trotting French engineer (now living in Germany) who, after working in the telecom and start-up sectors, decided to put his technical knowledge and his taste for music (he was also a DJ) at the service of professionals.

Easy as pie!

The SoundSuit application allows you to choose a musical atmosphere in a few clicks and in less than 3 minutes. You just have to log in, select your type of business, your core target audience and your type of music. And that’s it!

Can’t decide by yourself?

The app also proposes to manage the playlist according to the types of public and establishment previously selected by activating the “SmartMood®” mode. This tool is ideal to meet everyone’s expectations.

Whether they like bossa nova, pop or lounge music, once their playlist is personalized and adapted to their event, our clients will be able to benefit from a customized musical atmosphere and live an unequalled experience at the Sky Center.

Want to go beyond a simple meeting?

Enter the Sky Experience

Imagine: good music, some strawberry with lime beverage, a light enchanting smell of orange blossom, and you, admiring a stunning view on Marseille and the sea…

Book your spaces on the 30th floor of the Sky Center now! 

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